Panama has become one of the 15 best world destinations for retirement, according to specialized publications. Only recently have the advantages of this country been made popular among retirees in North America and Europe:

• Low cost of labor and healthcare

• Large number of U.S.-trained healthcare specialists

• Bilingual assistance readily available in urban centers

• Substantial discounts in restaurants, travel and healthcare for all retirees

• A dollar economy and low inflation protect fixed incomes

• Access to stateside publications and media

• Real estate at prices below those of stateside and other Caribbean destinations

• Financing by banks for retirees with stable incomes

• English is widely spoken.

• Low crime levels

  1. Large expat and immigrant communities from throughout the world.

Why Panama?

SLAM Panama is a property management and relocation company based in Panama. We strive to provide the most professional and trusted property management and relocation services for our clients. SLAM Panama and our team of Property Managers and Relocation Consultants give each client and property individualized attention during every stage of our Property Management and Relocation service. SLAM Panama's goal is to maximize long-term profitability for our owners while maintaining quality housing for your tenants.


  1. Due to its geographical position, the Isthmus of Panama became one of the first financial and commercial centers of the Americas. An outstanding series of advantages invites entrepreneurs and investors to establish their offices here:

  2. The Panama Canal, one of the most important waterways of the world

  3. A network of modern container ports, railroads and airports, which supports a fast exchange of merchandise from and to the most important ports of the world

  4. Direct flights between Panama City and more than 30 locations in the Americas and Europe

  5. A Free Trade Zone with a large storage capacity, which allows re-export of merchandise to Latin America and the Caribbean

  6. A modern system of telecommunications and connection points for high-speed, broadband, optic-fiber cables, which connects the Americas with the world

  7. Export Processing Zones (assembly plants) that allow low-cost assembly and packaging of re-exportable merchandise to foreign markets.

  8. Successive administrations have enacted legislation designed to provide a variety of incentives:

  9. A banking center with approximately 100 banks from all parts of the world, ensuring fast transactions at low cost and high efficiency

  10. Tourism and hotel projects with reduced tax rates

  11. Reforestation projects with low tax rates, which qualify for worldwide carbon credits and other environmental incentives

  12. Real estate investments, with the benefit of up to 20 years of property tax holidays and other incentives.

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